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When it comes to buy an engagement ring that will make her smile and say ‘yes’ for your proposing, you need to decide the setting styles that will look on the ring. The ring setting is part of expressions like the shape of the diamond so knowing what her favourite style will be is the winning point to choose the perfect ring for her. There are few popular setting styles that you could select as your engagement ring.

The very highly demand in bridal rings is a solitaire setting which features either a four or six prong setting that is called a Tiffany prong setting.  This setting becomes popular because it shows optimal brilliance of the diamond or a gemstone from all angles. Also, six prong settings provide extra security in holding the stone.  This style is suitable for people who enjoy a modern yet classical fashion.

In favour of bezel setting which is usually found in men’s engagement rings this setting holds a gemstone in place using a thin band of metal that surrounds the stone at its middle, or girdle. It can completely or partially surround the stone, depending on the style and look desired. This type of setting provides good protection for the middle (girdle) and bottom (pavilion) portions of a stone.  This style fits well for a woman who has active lifestyles and does not want to remove her rings quite frequently. Depending on the jeweller you choose, bezel settings could be far more interesting style and may be pricey to compare with the classical prong setting.

Another symbolic setting style to represent an ultimate sign of a couple’s relationship is called a trinity ring or a three stone engagement ring. This ring has a larger center stone with two matching diamonds on either side. This contemporary design represents the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship surely draws a lot of attention. In the most three stone rings; all three gemstones use a same type of gemstones like all diamonds and in some cases the rings may have three different kinds of gemstones and colors.

You could have any ring setting styles with a combination of modern and classical details depending on your budget.  When setting your budget, keep in mind that you are purchasing both a setting and a center stone. Before you settle on a specific amount to spend, you need some time to learn what qualities you’re looking for in both a diamond and a setting.

For the grooms to-be, choosing the best diamond ring that is simply exquisite and yet affordable considered as a big time investment towards the future. Like any important purchase, to understand what you’re buying before choosing a diamond is necessary. Before you settle on a specific amount to spend, take some time to learn what qualities you’re looking for in diamonds.  You could always start by choosing a diamond shape that best fits her style.

Regardless of what style engagement ring you choose, learning about the Four Cs ( cut , color , clarity and carat weight) will help you determine which qualities are most important to you and her.

To judge the value of the diamond, the carat i.e. the weight of the diamond will be one of the factors to determine the price tag of the diamond ring. Usually, the couple will choose to buy a one carat diamond ring as the engagement ring. Unless you are on a fixed budget, you could go for a diamond slightly less than 1 carat, let say 0.95 carat. Likewise a 0.95 carat diamond will look as big as the one carat diamonds, but costs a lot less.

If your couple is a particular type of person, you should aware of the clarity that might show some flaws or blemishes in the diamonds. It would be really good enough if you could buy the diamond which has the clarity that is graded for VS1, VS2, SI1 or SI2. For I1and above the clarity might be spotted and be less sparkly but if you are smart enough to compensate with the right ring setting and the cut, the flaws could be possibly hidden.

Likewise the clarity, the diamond color does affect the quality of the diamond ring. To understand the whiteness of the diamond, some grades are introduced to make the jeweler and the buyer to easily communicate. Some diamond color has yellowish hue may be expensive than the off white diamond like a canary diamond for grade Z. For a fine diamond ring, these grades G, H, I and J are nearly colorless and acceptable for the good quality diamond.

Last but not least, you’ll have to settle on a size for your diamond. Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to diamonds. Only once you know what qualities are important to you will you be able to narrow down your search for that perfect diamond.

Now you already knew that the 4 characteristics that you would hold on in buying a diamond engagement ring. Some facts you could easily trade off with the unique ring design, the size of the stone and the ring setting so that she would be pleased when accepting the ring from you.

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